Key Advantages of Google Cloud Platform and Why You Should Adopt It

Navdeep Garg

Google Cloud: Top Advantages and Why You Should Use it in 2020

Google has steadily advanced its foothold to become one of the biggest household names in the digital industry. Be it web browsing, advertisement, or even cloud deployment, Google is everywhere.

Choosing the best cloud platform helps you avail functions like esteemed functionality, security, and affordability. That is why platforms like GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and Oriental Cloud are seen as some of the best cloud platforms on the web.

SMEs can choose Google Cloud for all their cloud migration endeavors. The platform simplifies your proceedings at a reasonable price nonetheless. If you are still unaware on the subject, then the blog will help you.

Here is everything you need to know about Google Cloud.

The Future of Google Cloud

What is GCP (Google Cloud Platform)?

GCP is a highly reliable and scalable cloud platform offering the best cloud computing services on the web. It allows users to store and compute data, while also helping developers, test, build, and deploy applications.


GCP covers apps, cloud services, and storage for mobile, web, and backend solutions over the web. The platform is trusted by over 4 million applications, showing its relevancy and reliability.

The backend facet of the platform is kept utterly easy-to-use while the system acts as the platform’s base. GCP recently picked Cornerstone Tech for assisting consumers in moving their primary workload over to Google Cloud.

Numerous ventures are trusting Google with their holdings and migrating their proceedings over to GCP. (IMAGE)

How Google Cloud is Implemented?

You can use the Google Cloud’s API on MS Office for allowing multiple people to modify a file at once. The files can also be saved after installing a plugin where every user can edit and use the data’s cloud copy. The file then becomes the master file and Google assigns a specific URL to every file.

The file can only be downloaded after you have assigned an editor to the file. Any change made on the document is visible to every user. When multiple users modify the content, Google lets the creator or owner to choose the modifications to remove or keep.

After being synced to with the master document, GCP updates every downloaded document with the metadata for maintaining the correct records.

benefits of google cloudHigh Productivity with Innovation

As Google weekly updates the platform, your productivity level steadily increases.

Easy to Adopt Latest Functionalities

The changes made on the platform are small and gradual, allowing the users time to adjust.

Remote Access

You get a complete access for accessing the data from anywhere at any time via Google’s web apps.

Smooth Collaboration

Google Cloud smoothens the collaboration aspect of a project by allowing simultaneous contribution and access.

Unmatched Security

Google is a name associated with security and its cloud counterpart is an apt example for the same.

Reduced Breaches

As the platform allows minimal storage of offline data, the chances of breach significantly drops.

High Reliability

In case an error is disrupting the data center from functioning, then the system goes to a secondary center with no interruption faced by the users.

Offers Flexibility and Control

You can choose the tech and have control over the data in Google applications. In case you opt out of their services, your data can be easily extracted.

Categories of Google Cloud

You can divide the Google Cloud services in four major categories:

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Big Data
  • Services

Here is what each one stands for.


You can sub-divide compute into two categories:

Compute Engine

You can call compute engine Google’s IaaS as it runs huge workloads over virtual machines. The machine can be of your choice and preference and the bill will be prepared only for use-per-minute.


  • Compliance and Security
  • Fast and Easy Provisioning
  • Balanced Load
  • Efficient Virtual Systems

App Engine

Unlike Compute Engine, it’s a PaaS to ensure productivity through the in-built services for developing the applications. The SDK needs be downloaded for starting the development for free.


  • Robust Built-In Services
  • Reliable Languages and Frameworks
  • Renowned Tools for Development
  • Focus on Code


Storage can be sub-categorized into three sections.

Cloud SQL

It’s a MySQL database relational helping in storing and managing data. Google facilitates its patch handling, replication, and database facilitation.

Cloud Storage

The service can be used for object storage and is highly durable. It facilitates remote access alongside simple API, robust services, and data handling.

Cloud Datastore

It acts as a schemaless database with NoSQL, handled, for the storage of any data which is non-relational.

Big Data

The category includes:


It assesses big data within cloud and also processes different datasets comprising multiple TBs per second while quickly running SQL like queries.


The category includes:

Cloud Endpoints

Android, iOS, and JavaScript clients are able to access the code via RESTful services on their system containing the Cloud Endpoints. Its front-end wiring is seamless while the client library can be automated.

The Future of Google Cloud

Google Cloud appears to be focusing on capitalizing on the new web opportunities not being restricted to the current standards. It is also expected to get access to affordable internet services soon. Including fast mobile internet services worldwide alongside fiber connections within offices and homes is also a viable opportunity for them.

google cloud platform

Google also expects the digital world to expand rapidly with broadband making it to even the remote areas. However, the growth won’t go as far as Google expects. In order to make the vision come to fruition, Google will have to face severe competition in several markets.

Wrapping Up

No one can deny the impact of Google and its services on the digital market. Its subsidiaries like Google Cloud are revolutionizing how business is undertaken online. The blog takes an insightful dig on the topic and has tried to equip the user regarding its usage.

Read through to know everything about Google Cloud and get the best cloud computing services from Oriental Cloud.

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