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About Us

Revinfotech is a world-class Indian-based IT Solutions & Service Provider serving global clients across the world. The company offers customized website maintenance services to its clients at the best market price.

In a digital world where everything is changing with lightning speed, for peak site performance website maintenance is an essential requirement for any online eCommerce company for business growth.

At Revinfotech, we aspire to be your eCommerce web solutions partner and help you achieve the business goals you want. To match the latest competitive industrial demands, our expert team is a pioneer in providing top-notch IT services to meet the project challenges from various industries.

Why did Wild Stone choose us?

Having a partnership with Revinfotech improves the possibilities of smoother and faster performance of your website to improve online sales in less time at an enterprise scale. Wild Stone India chose us because of the following reasons- a top-notch web development service agency with a proven success record of managing global clients.

With the help of our world-class team experienced in website maintenance services, Revinfotech was successfully able to deliver what they have promised in terms of site performance.

Here, how the journey of  Wild Stone started with us.

How did this project start?

Being one of the biggest platforms for selling perfumes in India, popularity comes along with it but staying at the top requires professional help. With similar intentions, Wild Stone India contacted us for cost-effective website solutions to manage their site more efficiently.

Wild Stone India wanted to re-optimize their site with a more creative corporate look. The website must be easy to navigate with faster loading time and find the required services the user is searching for. The company was aware that their website had some performance issues and this is affecting their product exposure to the right audience. As a leading perfume and grooming service provider, their website must have a quality online presence in the beauty & grooming industry.

The Challenge

The old website of Wild Stone was a bit static and non-responsive to mobiles. The UI was not user-friendly and because of the sluggish website, customers find it challenging to explore more about Wild Stone services.

How Our Solutions Helped?

Revinfotech worked closely with the Wild Stone India technical team to understand their site performance issues. We primarily focused on website backend performance issues for faster loading time by optimizing the images, customizing Javascript & CSS, and other technical stuff.

The main goal of our team was to give Wild Stone a refreshing look, a more responsive, and user-friendly website while displaying their services. We also implemented some useful techniques to reduce the loading time of the website. We use the WordPress platform for site development so that Wild Stone could regularly update its website. Revinfotech delivered what they had promised.

Technologies We Worked On

WordPress CMS, MySQL DB

For Front-End

  • HTML
  • CSS

For Back-End

  • PHP

Key Highlights of this Project

Our skilled team with their in-depth knowledge and years of experience on the website backend services helped us to manage their website issues smoothly. Some notable results of our web services like fast loading time, easy-to-use UI, bug-free, eye-catching designs have really helped the company to reach their brand message to a larger targeted audience in less time. Now, Wild Stone has grown constantly its business and improved its ROI through this fully-functional website. Due to more optimized and customized website services in the same way the client has expected, you can see the improved performance by visiting their site itself.

  • Fixed performance issues
  • Improved loading time
  • Free from Bugs
  • Overall Sales figure improved
  • Good search engine rankings
  • More engaging User-Interface

Final Result

Results don’t lie. This is what we have achieved in a short period of time and we have a lot planned ahead. Over a given period, Revinfotech useful IT strategies helped Wild Stone India website performance increase significantly.

With more careful and strategic planning, we are ready to provide such value to all our present &  future clients.

Let us maintain your website so you can focus on your business. To know more about our company, you may contact us or visit our website here.

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