Shireeodiz: Delivering the Best Custom Engagement Rings to Make Your Dream Come True 

An ingenious initiative to help people craft their custom engagement rings at affordable prices.

Shireeodiz is a platform where anyone can create the engagement ring of their dream. The platform asks simple questions regarding your ring and delivers on your demands impeccably. They have helped thousands of couples get their perfect heirloom, and we helped the venture build their proceedings.

Helping People Create Memories

Shireeodiz is one of the most unique projects we partook in, as it delved into the realms of custom engagement rings. We had never dealt with anything akin to Shireeodiz, but the idea they proposed was too good to be left hanging.

That is why RevInfotech helped them set up and personalize their theme to better suit their proceedings. Furthermore, we added several pages to improve their site functionality.

“RevInfotech was quick to pick up on our platform requirements, and they executed every bit effortlessly. We would love to work on a project with them”

How It Commenced

Shireeodiz reached us in regards to setup their website theme and alter it t their heart’s need. We immediately started working on it and showed them the options they could avail.

When they chose some themes of their liking, we modified them to better adjust with their proceedings.

It took us a limited time to customize the pages’ functionality and set it up on their website. We sought speed and efficiency, so we played on the same color template to keep everything contained.

Our Visualization of the Project

We envisioned a platform where people can make their dreams come true. A space where users can build an engagement ring to their heart’s desire. We aimed to build a platform to help couples make their special day even more memorable.

The Target Demographics

Turning the vision of a custom engagement ring development platform was not a norm when we started the project. A platform as unique as Shireeodiz needed some research, and we did our part aptly.

We consulted both the parent company and potential consumers to decide what would bode well with the platform. The information we worked on comprised:

Target Location: Worldwide

Income Level: Mid-High

Age Group: 18-40

Main Motive: Eliminating boring ring choices

Our Involvement

We met Shireeodiz at a time they sought enhancements in their site’s interface. They explained their requirements comprehensively, and we assessed their needs on the spot. As per the budget and deadline, we worked on:

Site Theme: We proposed several theme options to them, custom made for their site.

Page Ideation: We formulated new pages for their site and integrated them comprehensively.

Backend Development: We also worked on their backend development where our main target was Shopify.

Final Testing: We tested out the pages, themes, and backend procedures before making the final call.

Promotion: Conducted several marketing campaigns to ensure customers knew about the platform before its launch.

Site Launch: Helped the business website launch on the global stage.

On-Site Modifications: We are still helping the platform get on with the market advancements.

Tech Stack

As an esteemed tech solution firm, we added several technologies on the platform to make it a hit.

  • Google Analytics for tracking
  • Google Font API
  • Shopify for eCommerce
  • Ruby on Rails for framework
  • CloudFront for CDN
  • Multiple payment options
  • SSL certifications

Issues Faced

The biggest issue we had to tackle was a lack of references in the market. The venture is one of the unique ones, so we had to work on something mostly unknown to the market. Another hurdle we faced was deciding what theme woul suit such a venture.

Choosing a plain color could prove to be boorish while a dynamic choice can seem odd. Dealing with such issues within a restricted deadline was the final coffin in the nail. However, our team worked on their specialties to figure out the best choices, and you can witness the esteemed result.

Final Product

The end product we provided stood up to Sireeodiz’s expectations, and you can visit their site to witness our work. Creating a customized site theme merged with different on-site functionalities, and a tip of after-service, all done superbly.

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