The IndaHash is a web tracking system which can record and track the traffic coming to a website.

IndaHash Requirement

  • Client was looking for an experienced team to develop a tracking system which can record and track the traffic coming to his website.
  • The client wants that the tracker must be able not only to track and record the traffic but also store the data in Block Chain so that it can be used in future.
  • Vendor staff must be able to synchronize the complete project into phases such as to achieve high effectiveness and efficiency along with meeting deadlines.


Technology Stack

R3 Corda, Java, ZeroMQ, Big query, Redis

RevInfotech Solution

  • IndaHash is a free application that allows digital influencers to earn money by participating in brand campaigns on their social media profiles.
  • Digital influencers are able to see their remuneration even before they decide whether to participate in the campaign or not.
  • The mobile application is free and available for smartphones with iOS and android.
  • Users who meet the relevant requirements earn money by publishing content in accordance with the tasks sent by brands.
  • Accepted influencers get access to the choice of campaigns for which they meet the criteria set by brands. The individual rate (remuneration) for a published post is calculated by the system automatically based on the extent and the involvement of a given influencer.
  • Materials published by influencers as part of the campaign are licensed by the advertiser. This means that the brand has the full right to moderate and use them on its own social media accounts and website.
  • We developed the web tracking system for the website so that admin get the know from where the traffic is coming on website and that whole information will be stored on some secure place where it will be safe and can be used for future analysis of business.
  • To accomplish this approach we setup the web tracking system and the information which we are getting through it is get stored in Blockchain named as R3 Corda. All the information of web traffic, which user is coming, user search which elements on website all this get stored in R3 Corda.


Limitations of the Waterfall Model:

  • Not optimal for a large size project
  • A less effective method if requirements are not clear in the beginning.
  • Changes are hard to implement in the previous phase.
  • The testing process starts once development is over and it makes it difficult to fix bugs found later in development.


Client Feedback

Client highly appreciated the work and also said that he is very happy with the positive feedback and the work that has been taken into consideration to make his project a success.

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