The ERP system is a hyper ledger based permissioned block chain network which have multiple organization set up,

ERP Requirement

As per the Client Requirement the system will store employee data on a block chain to maintain transparency also the block chain should not be opened to all, must be a Permissioned Block chain.

  • Vendor staff must be able to synchronize the complete project into phases such as to achieve high effectiveness and efficiency along with meeting deadlines. .
  • Vendor Staff has to be trained to develop and review all the functionalities.
  • Project accuracy should be 97%.
  • The vendor was expected to have infrastructure in place to scale up in order the requirements are enhanced or some other additional features in the project are included which requires the infrastructure to be modified in the later stage.


Technology Stack

Hyper Ledger Fabric, Hyper Ledger Composer, Node.js, Golang, Shell Script, Bash Script.

RevInfotech Solution

An ERP System is the hyper ledger based permissioned Block chain network which have multiple organization setup. The Task is to store employee details and that information must be stored in global ledger of block chain so that there will be a transparency between employees and the organization. With the help of hyper ledger fabric and hyper ledger Composer this system is made to store information. The idea behind this project to develop on block chain is that as we don’t have to move on different portals for employee information as all the data is stored in one location i.e. the Global Ledger of Block chain so anyone(with permission) within the network can see information of employee for further use.

Client Feedback

Client showed a great applause to the work done by the team on his project and appreciated the professionalism team showed towards meeting the deadlines and effectively wrapping up the task.

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