CineBee: Your One-Stop Station for Everything Entertainment

Presenting CineBee, the one-stop solution for every entertainment-related information. Know everything from trailers, upcoming flicks, to genuine reviews.

CineBee is yet another project in the long line of movie review platform, the only exception being CineBee’s genuine reviews. The platform proposes honest reviews from viewers to help you decide whether or not you should invest in a movie. Moreover, you can watch the latest trailers and release dates on the platform. With CineBee, you can never stay behind on the entertainment industry.

Helping Viewers Make Educated Decisions

Our journey with CineBee started way back when they reached us to build a movie-reviewing platform. They felt as if the viewers ought to receive genuine insights regarding the flicks they are about to watch.

They wanted a platform, which will not only showcase reviews but also provide crucial information regarding the viewers’ options. We helped CineBee turn an idea into a full-fledged platform, and now numerous viewers utilize the platform routinely.

“We reached RevInfotech in need of a platform to showcase genuine movie reviews. They were quick to pick up on our needs and presented the idea of CineBee. We instantly loved the idea, and proceeded to invest our heart in it.” – CineBee

Idea Generation

CineBee’s initial meeting was brief, but the requirements they shared with us were significant. Their desire to construct a platform to enhance the entertainment industry was quickly comprehended by us, and we started working on it within a short time.

We conducted several more meetings with them and finally presented the entire plan to them. The idea was positively taken by CineBee, and we garnered multiple bullet points for the process.

  • The platform needs to be user-friendly
  • Users should be able to review movies unbiased
  • The UI and UX should be interactive
  • It needs to be scalable


Our Vision

We envisioned a platform that is scalable to comprise several new movies at once. Plus we wanted the platform to showcase multilingual flicks to cater to a bigger audience.

What Issues We Faced

On paper, the project seemed simple, but developing such a platform in a short time creates havoc. While staying simple with UI, we understood how intricate the process could be. Next up was gathering information and representing it on the platform. SEO for the platform was a tough nut to break too.

Services We Provided

RevInfotech erected the platform from scratch but our major contribution went into:

Marketing: Spreading word about a new platform was tough, but our experts did it magnificently.

UI and UX: We articulated a simple yet attractive looking UI for the platform.

Info Generation: We added functionalities to update the platform in real-time

Web Development: Built a brand new website for the platform to function.

Logo and Branding: Created the platform logo and branded it on the web.

SEO: We pushed the website to the top searches on the internet.

Tech Stack: Google Analytics, PHP, jQuery, SSL, Cloudflare, etc.

Target Demographics

Finding the target audience for such platforms is crucial, and here is what we aimed at:

Location: South Asia, Mostly India

Age Group: 18-40

Income Group: Low to Mid

Focal Point: Creating a space to showcase genuine reviews

Post-Project Solutions

We continued to work towards CineBee’s betterment even after delivering the platform. We still add features to the platform with their consent.

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