NEXT.exchange: The Ultimate Pit Stop for Every Crypto Need

One of the most renowned crypto exchange platforms in the industry facilitating efficient and secure trading alternatives.

NEXT.exchange is a multi-coin based crypto exchange platform offering its services throughout the globe. The intent behind the platform was to offer seamless crypto transactions at a time when crypto was not deemed secure. NEXT.exchange acted and still acts as an integral factor to enhance the proceedings of crypto exchange services worldwide.

Establishing a Sense of Security with Crypto

NEXT.exchange is another esteemed crypto-based project we undertook to help the industry establish reliability and security globally. RevInfotech has always believed in the disruptiveness of blockchain, so when NEXT.exchange asked for our services, we readily agreed to create a crypt exchange platform for them.

Despite possessing prior experience in building a crypto trading platform from scratch, creating a sense of security in a secluded industry is always filled with roadblocks. RevInfotech managed to develop a platform with multi-coin and payment-alternatives support to help the crypto market evolve.

NEXT.exchange today ranks as one of the finest crypto-trading platforms on the web and the industry.

“When we came to know about RevInfotech’s efforts towards the betterment of the crypto circle, we could not help but feel gravitated towards them. Working with them was a delight, and their services have not failed us even once.” – NEXT.exchange

Idea Generation

Although NEXT.exchange had a hint of what they wanted, they were clueless on how to achieve it. That is why we allotted them our finest of crypto experts to discuss the possibilities they could venture. The first discussion we had with NEXT.exchange revealed their intention of making the platform easy-to-use for newcomers.

The intent made sense since there were not many veteran crypto traders at the same. So, we started the project with the aim of user-friendliness. Even today, the platform welcomes new-comers while offering every feature a veteran trader could ask for.

To cope with the given deadline, budget, and requirements, we prepared different stages to complete the project.

  • Setting the fundamentals in front of our team
  • Formulating a through strategy
  • Gathering the needed resources
  • Adding the latest features and security measures
  • Developing the platform
  • Integrating the needed tech stack
  • Testing the functionalities


What We Envisioned

Our goal was to set up a platform capable of attracting new users while coping with the latest market advancements. Since we speculated the boom of crypto trading, we ensured to keep the platform scalable.

Major Issues We Faced and Overcame

The first issue we encountered was creating the platform in a way suitable for both newbies and experienced traders. Keeping the UI straightforward yet esteemed-looking was another hurdle in the development process. Managing the budget for a project, which might burst in all our faces was the ultimate roadblock we had to cross. We invested as much as we could, and managed to build a platform now used by millions worldwide.

What We Did

Website Development: We developed a fully-functional website for the client.

Frontend and Backend: We also took care of the frontend and backend of the platform.

Theme and Logos: Setting up the basic theme and logo design was another task we undertook.

Coin Integration: RevInfotech integrated the most premium set of cryptocoins on the platform and we still update them regularly.

SEO: We got the site to the top rankings of several search engines.

Marketing: We marketed the platform on several social media platforms to generate anticipation.

Launching: We eventually helped the product launch on the global market.

Target Audience

The platform was aimed at a relatively younger audience, but we also wanted to offer experienced traders something. Our focal point of the audience was:

Location: Worldwide

Age: 18-50

Income-Level: Mid to High

Main Focus: Offering an esteemed crypto trading stage

Tech Stack

In the technology section, we implemented solutions such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Font API
  • PHP Framework
  • Cloudflare
  • jQuery
  • SSL


Post-Project Services

We believe in truly keeping our clients happy, so we routinely help NEXT.exchnage in any hurdle they face. We take great pride in claiming that we built a platform from scratch to one of the best crypto trading spaces today.

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