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Top 5 Mobile & Web Apps for Premium User Experience

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Top 5 Mobile & Web Apps for Premium User Experience

The times where owning a website to represent your business was a choice are gone. Nowadays, showcasing your business on the web is pivotal for every brand. With new tech entering the market, the practice has simplified significantly.

Now you can easily prepare apps, tools, and websites using some prototyping tools. Trying out new ideas is also very much feasible with the help of such tools. They offer a quick, smooth, and efficient development, but there is more.

While application prototyping tools allow the designing team and clients to collaborate effectively, you still need to pick the best app prototyping tool. The web is filled with questions like “what is the best app prototyping tool”, “what is the top mobile and web app prototyping tool”, or “which app prototyping tool is best for web and mobile app development”.

So to answer these questions, we have prepared the ultimate list of top app prototyping tools in 2020:

What is an App Prototyping Tool?

Before finalizing the best app prototyping tool, you should first know what it is. A prototyping tool is a tool used for accelerating the app development process. Since prototype is a crucial stage in the app development process, you need to invest some resources to get effective results.

A functional prototype reduces the development time, improves productivity, checks for issues, and turns your ideas into reality.

Top 5 App Prototyping Tools for Best UX in 2020

The market is filled with popular app prototyping tools, but here are the best 5 app prototyping tools:


You can call InVision a comprehensive prototyping platform for building effective UI. The software facilitates the creation of exquisite prototypes from wireframes and static pics. When you integrate the functions of InVision in the fray, the result is a well-functioned prototype.

Advantages of InVision

  • Quick and simple integration with different tools

  • Facilitates cross-app development

  • Simple controls

  • Allows saving design history

  • Prepares prototypes for iOS, Android, and Web

Axure RP

Another well-designed UX and wireframing tool, Axure RP facilitates the creation of interactive prototypes. The diversity on the platform is unreal and you can get smart suggestions as per your prototype choices.   

Advantages of Axure RP

  • Efficient design and widgets

  • Classy animation and interactivity

  • Easy-to-use tools

  • Allows rapid prototypes without code writing

  • Prepares prototypes for iOS, Android, and Web


You can call Marvel one of the best web and mobile app prototyping tools for both newbies and veterans. Moreover, the tool’s integration with Sketch and Photoshop facilitates even more possibilities.

Advantages of Marvel

  • Simple image uploads and editing

  • Over 8 project frames

  • Mobile app available

  • Added benefits like FAQ, blog, and tutorials

  • Prepares prototypes for iOS, Android, and Web

Adobe XD

Another one of perfect UX designing platform for building and designing app prototypes. Adobe XD came with a new philosophy with speed and design being at its core.

Advantages of Adobe XD

  • Features like document history, component states, and document history

  • Easy design switch

  • Easy client feedback available  

  • Voice triggers available

  • Prepares prototypes for iOS, Android, and Web


One of the best prototyping tools, Sketch is known for its web and app designing capabilities. The platform is used in different parts of the globe, which allows designers to focus on the tasks.

Advantages of Sketch

  • Seamless switching between screens

  • Different sizes, layouts, and styles

  • Quick feedback

  • Prepares prototypes for iOS, Android, and Web

Wrapping Up

Although the web is filled with numerous web and mobile app prototyping tools, and the blog has mentioned the top five of them. However, there is no clear winner in the list. You can choose the one depending on your preference. Go through the list and choose the best one for yourself. Moreover, you can also hire competent developers for best app development


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