RevInfotech Officially Partners with Microsoft


Renowned Venture RevInfotech Becomes an Official Microsoft Partner

As the world has entered the fourth industrial revolution, businesses are realizing the importance of digital means and measures. Amidst the increasing surge of virtual means, ventures like RevInfotech are guiding the industry towards growth. 

RevInfotech is a renowned name in the digital domain with its reach expanded in numerous sectors. However, this does not restrict the company from enhancing its proceedings. It has played a crucial role in shaping the online market, and even Microsoft is a testimony to that. 

Recently, RevInfotech joined hands with Microsoft as it became a certified Microsoft Silver Partner. The prestige is accomplished by chosen industry leaders, and now RevInfotech is one of them. What is a Microsoft Silver Partner, you ask?

Well as the name suggests, it highlights Microsoft’s recognition of an esteemed company. But why is it a big deal? Here is why:

What is a Microsoft Silver Partner?

You can define Microsoft Silver Partners as companies that are awarded a competency approval from Microsoft itself. Gaining a hold of such recognition is not achievable for anyone less than an industry leader. Firms have to complete several milestones and   in performance, customer care, service quality, and training to get the badge.

The feat is achieved by merely top 5% of firms, showcasing the prominence of RevInfotech in the market. The certification shows is a badge of competency, efficiency, market relevance, and future-ready solutions. 

Fields RevInfotech Got Microsoft Silver Partner Competency

RevInfotech has received the competency approval in the form of Microsoft Silver Partner in not one, not two, not three, but four esteemed fields:

  • Application Development - Microsoft Silver Partner
  • Application Integration - Microsoft Silver Partner
  • DevOps - Microsoft Silver Partner
  • Cloud Platform - Microsoft Silver Partner    


Every mentioned category has the potential to revolutionize entire industries and the masses even expect them to. In the upcoming few years, these techs will be redefining the definition of routine proceedings for us. And RevInfotech takes great pride in proclaiming that we will be at the centre of it as well.

App development has been a global sensation in recent few years, and every esteemed business nowadays uses it app to garner a global user base. The trend will pertain in the upcoming decade as well, and as a Microsoft Silver Partner, you can avail of RevInfotech to enhance your procedures too.

Another category we excel in as approved by Microsoft is app integration, and it will be a pivotal factor in the modern market too. Integrating quality apps within your business is crucial to get an edge and present the audience with right solutions at the right time.

DevOps is one of the latest cultural modifications in the business industry and you can even find a whitepaper about it on our website. RevInfotech deems DevOps as a revolutionary solution, and with our help, you can integrate it within your organization as well.

Finally, we managed to become a Microsoft approved partner in the Cloud section as well. Cloud solutions will be the new Meta in the data storage and sharing industry. RevInfotech understands that and will be offering quality Cloud solutions for everyone.

What’s more is that our solutions are available and suitable for every business and industry type. It does not matter what type or scale of business you own, our esteemed services can be of help to you. And if you possess any doubt regarding us, you can check out our website to ensure that RevInfotech has officially become a Microsoft Partner


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