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RevInfotech Celebrates 13th Anniversary Today


When a company’s work is recognized and appreciated by partners and clients, that company is motivated to perform even better. A company’s anniversary is a great time to celebrate the years a company has spent in the service of its customers.
Today, we at RevInfotech have completed 13 years in the IT industry serving our valuable customers. We couldn’t be more grateful for the support and enthusiasm we have been showered within these 13 years. We are more thankful to our team which is the backbone of the company. These 13 years is an accomplishment our talent and creativity have achieved. It is a moment for us to celebrate 13 years of Web Development, Web Design, Blockchain Development, Digital Marketing, AI, Cloud Computing, and other emerging technologies. We have learned a huge amount over the last 13 years, both technically and commercially. The thing with starting your own company is that you literally don’t know what you don’t know. It’s easy to head off, all gung-ho, into the entrepreneurial world but sticking at it through good times and tough ones takes strength. 

We have miles to go before we sleep!

Two of our products are live and two are on the beta stage which will go live soon.We established our office in the USA last year and have plans to open our branches in other countries this year. This plan could stretch a little due to COVID-19 but not the plan of adding new talents to our team.

Our hiring game is going strong even in this pandemic and we aim to continue the same throughout the year. We are always open to welcome new innovations and talents. 
The technicalities and trends have changed almost unrecognizably over the last 13 years, but the support of our clients has been unwavering. There is no doubt that running a company requires grit and determination. So, whilst this 13-year anniversary is a personal milestone for us, we think it’s also a high-five for every single client we’ve worked with. We are navigating the highs and lows of our business life together.

To those of you that we’ve already worked with – thank you. And to those we have yet to work with – let’s stick with it, as great things might be just around the next corner!

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