How Augmented Reality is Redefining the Retail Experience

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Augmented Reality is bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds and inventing new experiences for customers. Specifically, shopping is witnessing new disruptions in recent years. Now, consumers enjoy the benefits of being able to see how their favorite product will fit them or in their house. Undoubtedly, consumers happily accept AR, and people are curiously looking for innovative applications with multimedia technologies. The ultimate goal of any technology is to create immense value for consumers and help businesses be more efficient and highly profitable.  AR enables shoppers to see a virtual product on themselves and becomes incredibly useful to both consumers and retailers. 

Retail is considered one of the most competitive fields of the economy. To sustain in the market you might have to fight for the place and you have to persuade new customers. That makes this business in identifying new and broader ways of engaging customers & establishing new brands. Let’s have a look at how this technology has the potential to impact the retail experience in the coming future.

More Brand Exposure 

Pokemon Go made AR really famous worldwide and became the center of attraction among tech-enthusiasts. Now that Pokemon-Go tech is ready to use in the retail industry. Millennial shoppers love creative shopping ideas and if you implement AR in your retail business, it will put your company right next to established eCommerce companies and make your company stand out from the competition. 

Virtual Commerce

The eCommerce industry is making revolutionary changes in the shopping experience of users. Mobile is playing a very crucial role in online shopping. But in recent times there is a newly flying term called V-commerce. It is a concept of using AR technology for building a virtual store where people can search for top products available in the virtual store.

Virtual stores are a new reality in pandemic time and provide a very realistic shopping experience. They are crossing the limits of geographical constraints and provide a highly innovative digitally advanced customer experience. 

AR provides crucial product information at a glance

Verifying important information can play a significant role in customer shopping. For example, the requirement to pick up a product and check the nutritional information can be a chore. We are in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and practicing social distancing. We are avoiding touching the products as little as possible. This is where a smart-scanning app with AR features comes to save ourselves. Such an app makes our shopping experience more hassle-free and empowers shoppers to make more informed purchasing decisions, and quickly.

AR helps in ensuring Price Verification 

Retail employees can use smart devices with augmented reality to effectively fix price errors and rearrange them in order. It really helps store staff in quickly comparing product data with actual price labels. Such AR-based solutions can fix the pricing issues and show correct price information with an AR display.

Easier Shipping & Receiving

AR-enabled smartphones and warehouse staff can easily collect orders through one comprehensive app. This saves a lot of unnecessary efforts of warehouse staff and ensures smooth shipping and receiving experience. Such intuitive retail management solutions need no prior training and can be easily implemented in businesses. Moreover, they generate the total cost of ownership of old scanning hardware.

Final Thought

Retail business is skyrocketing in recent times and growing continuously. AR is making a great impact worldwide and the retail business industry is just one of them. We are living in the best times in terms of technology and AR is amplifying our experience especially shopping. We are buying products online and becoming used to virtually trying items before buying them. Such technology disruptions were unimaginable but retailers that don't have that capability will be left behind. If you want to know more about AR and its implementation on your business to boost your business growth, please contact us for a free consultation. 


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