Benefits of having your e-commerce website

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At the present time, there are various platforms available for selling and advertising and showcasing your product online in India. There are many disadvantages of selling and advertising products on these platforms. So, it is better to have your E-Commerce website for selling and advertising. Some of the reasons are explained below to have the self- hosted E-commerce website.

  1. Your Website, Your Rule, And Your Brand: If you have your Ecommerce Website then it will be hosted on your server and you have full control over the website and you can make any changes as per your  requirement. You can change the information, delete & add the product, change the price as per your requirement. If your products are listed on the third party website then it becomes difficult to make changes as you have to go through a certain procedure.
  2. High Commission Rates: Third-party Ecommerce Website generally charges high commission rates for displaying your product. Because of this reason, the price of the product becomes high for the end-user. You are not allowed to offer a discount if the website policy does not allow you. As if you have your E-commerce website you are free to set your price and you are not bound to any procedure for enhancing & reducing the price of your products. When you have to boost the sale you can offer a discount as per your own desire.
  3. Customer Relationship: Selling your product on your own Ecommerce Website allows you to build a good personal relationship with your clients. We enable startups, brands, and retailers to start selling their products online directly to consumers. We have developed a unique e-commerce services ecosystem.
  4. Customer Support: If you have your E-commerce Website then you can provide the best customer support for your product. You are the person who has good knowledge regarding your product so, you can explain you’re more effective as compared to the third party who has less knowledge regarding your product.
  5. Business 24 hours: Another benefit of having your Ecommerce Website is that your retail shop will not be open for 24 hours so your customer is not restricted from purchasing a product only in opening hours. They are allowed to purchase their products anytime and from anywhere.
  6. Add on Functionality: If you have your own website then you can add functionality to your Ecommerce Website as per your requirement. It seems clear that the self-hosted Ecommerce Website has many advantages for your business, then a third party website.

From above we can conclude that it is better to have your own hosted Ecommerce Website for better business growth. If you have your own Ecommerce website then you are the person who has full control over client data over the website and you can use this data for future sale opportunity.

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