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In the past couple of years, Cryptocurrencies have gathered a lot of attention. But what disrupted the industry is the technology behind what cryptocurrencies work– the Blockchain. There is hardly a day when the world doesn’t talk about this technology and how it is creating a buzz in the market. Whether you are into finance, health or even transportation, blockchain technology can be integrated to offer your company more efficient operations and provide better services.

Blockchain technology has created a new pathway for development and has given companies a new approach to make their business operations more efficient.

So How Will You Adopt Blockchain In Your Company?

  • Learn about Blockchain Technology–  It’s never wise to jump into something you don’t have deep knowledge about because it is the first and most important point that must be taken into account. That’s why before implementing Blockchain Technology into your company, you need to learn all you can about it first. Acquainting yourself with Blockchain knowledge, its uses and implications is the first thing that you need to do if you plan to integrate it into your company. If you already have a baseline knowledge of Blockchain, make it a point to stay updated on the latest information of this technology and its many applications. Fortunately, there are tons of detailed articles, guides, and white papers about blockchain that can help you better understand how well you can implement this technology in your business.

  • Hire Expert Consultants– The next most important way to incorporate Blockchain in your company would come with a dedicated team. At the stage of plan execution, it is important to hire experts in the field to ensure seamless integration. Hiring the right team to help you integrate blockchain in your company is very crucial. You will need people with a vast amount of knowledge about blockchain technology and its integration. Experts like a blockchain consultant who will give you advice on the right steps to take and a blockchain developer are vital players you need to have in your team.

  • Identify the areas of your Business where Blockchain fits– Merely knowing about Blockchain will not do the needful, you need to check, which are the areas of application. It will require careful collaboration, thoughtful planning, and the inclusion of every department. The important point that you should take into consideration is that you do a thorough study of how your competitors are doing it and what they have missed. This approach will look for problems your company wants to solve. For instance, if your company deals in the supply chain, then Blockchain integration in tracking the transactions would be a good move.

  • Inform your Target Market– This is yet another step you need to take. You should know what your customers are looking for and inform them how the adoption of blockchain in your company will affect them. With that in mind, be prepared to answer questions from your clients like:

  • Will this product or service serve me better now that the company has implemented Blockchain technology?
  • Will this affect the Cost and Time?
  • Will there be a learning curve at my end?
  • What are the benefits I’ll get now that the company has adopted Blockchain?

Blockchain is a leading technology that is paving its way for new development, but at the same time, certain consternations are surrounding this technology. One thing is for sure that Blockchain adoption will make your business more profitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few things to remember to choose a reliable mobile app development partner:
  • Choose a partner that cares about its clients.
  • Never compromise on technology experience and domain expertise.
  • Check out your development partners’ portfolios, customer testimonials, and references.
  • Observe how they approach communication and how much they pay attention to your vision.
  • Ask the right questions to help you choose easily.
Here are a few reasons why India is one of the preferred outsourcing destinations:
  • The average outsourcing charges in India are $18 – $40, which is way more affordable than in developed countries like the USA, $38 – $63.
  • India has a large pool of native-English speakers who’re highly proficient in their work.
  • With an Indian outsourcing partner, you can access 24×7 support and specialized IT talent.
Depending on the complexity of a mobile app, it can take several weeks to several months to develop it. An app like Uber takes around 1200 hours to develop. On the other hand, a dating app like Tinder can be developed in 1000 hours.
Pricing-wise, freelancers appear to be more affordable. However, they offer no accountability for your mobile app. You can’t hold them accountable if the app doesn’t turn out to be as expected. On the other hand, an app development agency takes complete responsibility for your mobile app. Hence, an app development agency is better than a freelancer.

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