Blockchain: Transforming The Future Of The Education Industry

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Blockchain is an undisputedly innovative technology that is propelling various cryptocurrencies and has skyrocketed the cryptocurrency market cap by storm. Each block of Blockchain contains a reference to the previous block, chaining the blocks together to create a permanent secure record of all verified transactions. Blockchain is an encrypted ledger that has disrupted various industries that take security seriously, including finance and healthcare. The Education sector is just as important as healthcare and finance, and there are areas within this sector that could be improved using Blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology builds a self-checking network that is better in its transparency, security and cannot be corrupted in any way.  

Blockchain technology is sure to transform the education industry like it has transformed the financial sector. The fact is true that the education system is far from where it needs to be. Using this technology, plenty of improvements can be made in the education sector.

There’s no denying that blockchain technology is poised to disrupt almost every industry. But, before moving ahead, let’s understand the main problems of the traditional education system. 

  • Crucial data can be tampered with or can be deleted due to natural disasters or accidents
  • Foundation/Student can prevent access or put conditions on the access of data
  • An individual can utilize essential information in an unauthorized way
  • Overseeing huge volumes of data and Hassles of dealing with gigantic amounts of paper applications
  • The issue of fake certificates
  • The requirement for carrying of original certificates to verify the authenticity
  • The absence of automation and spending of enormous amounts of labor to conduct manual verification 

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are already paving their way into the education sector. It’s only a matter of time before blockchain technology becomes popular too.

Let’s see how exactly blockchain technology fits into the education field:


Now education is not just restricted to schools or colleges, there are numerous other opportunities where students can get educated in formal and informal environments. There are multiple online courses and open schools which provide learning and certificates to students at different levels. Micro accreditation can happen through a Blockchain allowing for the easy validation and transfer of skills and credentials.


Applying Blockchain technology solutions to Educational institutes will keep track of learning achievements, securely and permanently for the lifetime, store all records, certificates, and awards, and reduce endless tree-killing for making paper. 


With the Blockchain system, every individual will be engaged and will have control and ownership over their data. This way the cost of data management and administration costs can be directly reduced by the educational institutes. The data has to confront legal issues if it is not kept safely. 


Blockchain technology enables you to create an app to issue virtual diplomas. These digital certificates are secure and can not be tampered with. Also, students can easily receive and share these certificates via smartphones. There are many Educational sectors developing Blockchain platforms which compile and manage records of students from various schools, to verify the credibility of the credentials submitted to them.


The consent of individuals is taken before accessing their records to build greater trust in the process while verifying the credentials. Various educational institutes across the world have already implemented blockchain technology and acquired huge benefits. 


Individuals teaching and studying in the institute can misplace essential papers or lose their certificates due to unfortunate reasons. Data may also get lost due to any natural disaster or get removed or hacked by some unknown person. Implementing blockchain can save an Educational Institute from all of these mishappenings.

Implementing Blockchain to Education will benefit both institutions and students as Blockchain technology is a transparent and cost-effective model. There are no intermediaries. Individuals can store their data securely in the blockchain, protecting it from malicious insiders who can manipulate it. With the help of blockchain, it becomes easy to verify every individual’s record in time. Therefore, reducing the time and effort during the admission process. 

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