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We’ll help you gain advantages

Standards of quality and productivity in the automotive industry have been increased. For remaining cost-competitive, introducing new products faster, and achieving perfect quality, automotive industries are adopting innovative and high-performance software products. To help you top in this industry we are integrating the next disruptive technologies with the existing in-car systems and introducing machine learning and AI algorithms to accelerate your decision-making. Our expertise in software development expertise coupled with a solid knowledge of the automotive niche is also a reason for you to choose us.

We Focus on Innovation

As we are well aware of the fact that productivity demands innovation, our team always focuses on emerging autonomous technologies such as V2X connectivity, HD maps, computer version, and many more. By using our innovative single solution, you can handle your vast automotive industry. Our innovative ideas help you maintain a leadership position in the automotive market and survive for the long haul.

Vehicle Interior Software
On-Demand Automotive Software
AI-Based Automotive Software
ERP Solution for Automotive Industry

Advantages of our Automotive Software

Automotive is an ever-growing industry with technological advancements. The advantages are for both the parties, the service providers and the users.

Use Latest Technologies

RevInfotech prefers to use the latest technologies like VR, IoT, AR, and AI.

Flexible Engagement Models

RevInfotech provides the flexibility of choosing a suited engagement model for you.

More Than 100 Projects

We have completed hundreds of projects in the Automotive Industry Field.

Our Automotive Software Specialities


App Development

We build different Automotive Apps for all platforms like Android, iOS, laptops, and tablets. We develop responsive and user-friendly apps to enhance the experience of your users.


Web Development

Automotive websites aren’t simply a representation of your business, they are the driving force behind it. Web solutions help in integrating processes, applications, and information flow.


CRM For Automotive

Automotive CRM is a technology that helps to streamline your sales process in the automotive sector. We develop the best Automotive CRM as per your business requirement.


ERP For Automotive

Automotive ERP software makes it possible to get your goals achieved. Your goal to be a dominator in the automotive industry can be easily achieved with our ERP solution.


AI & Machine Learning:

Intelligent solutions and predictive algorithms empower smart vehicles to see, recognize, and analyze road environments even better than human drivers.


IoT and Embedded Solutions

We design and create IoT solutions that connect the vehicles with everything (infrastructure and surroundings) and Embedded software that brings together mobile phones, roads, and traffic lights.


Our Services

We provide our service with over 150+ IT professionals on board including architects, project managers, business analysts, and QA engineers.

On-Time Delivery

We deliver projects on-time without any discrepancies or flaws.

Agile Methodology

We follow an agile approach to develop software solutions.

Highly Dedicated

We have a highly dedicated and professional workforce.

UX/UI Expertise

We are taking a comprehensive approach for creating driver-oriented interfaces and understand how to convert vehicles into automatic and user-friendly personal devices.

Customer-Centric Solution

While working with you, we first find out the ideal concepts which will be going to meet your specific requirements. Our solutions are fully tested by the team of our experts.

Automotive Software Solution

Turn your idea into reality with our automotive software solution which will cut your turnaround time, reduce operation cost, and order management.

Automotive Mobility Solution

Our automotive mobility solutions include tailor-made vehicle owner solutions. Our automotive software solutions will permit you to have better control over your products.


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