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The Ultimate Guide to Automation Anywhere: Services and Solutions

Guide to Automation Anywhere

RPA and automation anywhere go hand in hand as a thumb role. Therefore, before understanding automation anywhere, it is vital to understand what RPA is. RPA can be defined as a tech that allows users to build software, facilitating automation for mundane and routine tasks.

The web is filled with top RPA tools, but the best RPA tools comprise Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, and UiPath. Since, Automation Anywhere is one of the most popular RPA tools on the web, we will be discussing its potent capabilities in a firm.

Here is the best guide for automation anywhere:

What is Automation Anywhere?

What-is-Automation-AnywhereYou can define automation anywhere as a reputable vendor providing RPA platform to its users. The platform is also known as “The Smart Digital Workforce” given its advancement to carry out intricate tasks easily.

The platform offers a centralized control and deployment system, which facilitates management, scaling, and monitoring bots throughout several business functionalities.

The Architecture of Automation Anywhere

The architecture of automation anywhere consists of three distributed components, namely



  • Bot Creator
  • Control Room
  • Bot Runner

Bot Creator

It utilizes the desktop app for creating bots. It is also capable of uploading and downloading bots to the control room, making it the development client for automation anywhere.  

Control Room

Control room is one of the best web-based control rooms that allow monitoring and administration of multi-sided infrastructure. As it manages the whole execution, it is undoubtedly pivotal for automation anywhere’s architecture. Moreover, it is also accountable for the licence management.

Bot Runner

It can be seen as the software for running bots created via the bot creator. It can allow several bots to run at once, making it a viable addition.

Automation Anywhere Features

Here are the top features of Automation Anywhere:


As the platform is compatible with NTLM and Kerberos based authentication, it offers unmatched security. It also facilitates vaults for credentials with the RBAC based security management system and lockers.


Its flexibility allows you to retain the pre-existing benefits without making many changes.


As the processes can be monitored and managed via the control room, it offers unforeseen transparency.


The platform has over 500 bots on the table for easy download, allowing you to work as soon as you want.

RPA Focused

It offers the ideal combination of Analytics, AI, and RPA, making it beneficial for a firm in multiple ways.

Different Bots on Automation Anywhere

Different-Bots-on-Automation-AnywhereAutomation Anywhere has three vital bots, so let us take a look at them:

  • Meta Bot
  • Task Bot
  • IQ Bot

Meta Bot

Meta bots allows building highly-resilient blocks for automating the target app procedure. They also speed up the deployment process via scalable and extensible practices.

You can create one yourself or utilize an existing one, as per your desire. With meta bots, scaling, increased ROI, and fulfilled automation goals are assured.

Task Bot

Ask bots are used for automating routine and rule based activities relying on a fixed structure. It also allows creation of acceleration solutions. It is simple to use and reduces costs while improving productivity as well.

IQ Bot

IQ bot can be perceived as the platform’s initial step towards cognitive RPA. The bot offers latest AI tech like ML, computer vision, and natural language processing without any human help.

Top Automation Anywhere Components

Here are the best components of Automation Anywhere:

Bot Insight

Bot insight offers analytics which via automatically generated personalized dashboards can be converted into insights. You can avail two types of analytics: Business and operational.

Business analytics do not require any integration with additional tools with its in-built tools. While operational analytics are capable of tracking the activities of a bot.

Bot Farm

It’s a platform for the bot-on-demand and it proposes RPA with scalability, elasticity, and resilience anytime and anywhere. You can even get a bot on a rental base.

Bot Store

As the name suggests, it is a marketplace for RPA bots. The bots can run on the platform and the only work you need to do, is find the ideal bot for your business.

Top Industries Using Automation Anywhere

While the platform is viable for numerous uses, some industries utilize it more than others. Here is the list of top industries using Automation Anywhere.

  1. Human Resource
  2. Healthcare
  3. Banking and Finance
  4. Telecom
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Insurance

Best Automation Anywhere Features

Here are the top features of Automation Anywhere:

  1. It can quickly adapt to changes with its auto calibration tech.
  2. The AI tech allows top-notch performance.
  3. The platform is undoubtedly worthy of being considered enterprise grade.
  4. It offers integrated ML techniques for building bots and extracting data.
  5. The platform facilitates a centralized control room which is web based.
  6. It boasts multiple security levels.

Wrapping Up

The usage of RPA has significantly increased in recent years, and organizations are more than happy to integrate it. Automation Anywhere has emerged as one of the best solutions for every RPA need, and the blog has shown why.

Reading through the blog will help you better understand what Automation Anywhere is and how it works. In case you wish to get more information or integrate the solutions in your organization, then you can hire competent experts as well. 

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