How Bots Will Shape Our Future

Navdeep Garg
Image shows a helpful robot character and some various documents.


We can’t deny the fact that we are surrounded by technology in our daily lives. Software robotics, cognitive computing, augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning. With every passing day, new technologies are emerging and the recent entry in this tech-stack is a bot. Although, the bot is not a new term now it has become more relevant than ever.

A bot can be defined as an AI-powered person that can chat with you over a platform like Facebook Messenger. In the current time, bots are used more frequently with more advanced features. Bots are interactive and seem like you are talking to a real person as they are programmed in such a way that they understand the question and answer them as per user request. It makes the searching experience more seamless for consumers. This is the reason why top companies are competing with each other to change the way robotics are implemented in everyday lives. Bots are making our lives more exciting.

How Bots Apps are Beneficial for us:

Image Shows an Animated Robot and Human Interaction via Laptop.
Visualizing the Future: Robot-Human Interaction

Bots have so many benefits but we have covered some of their useful features that can be beneficial for your business too.

  • The bots are very easy to use and that’s what makes it more popular. Just open up a messenger and the bot will simply answer your query in a matter of seconds.
  • You can not depend on a support agent when your business needs 24×7 support. If a customer needs a quick response, bots can manage such customer queries with automated responses.
  • Bots are easy to build and take less time with less development cost. The bots can easily be compatible with multiple platforms. You can utilize them as a replacement for your customer support team if required.
  • Businesses can take leverage bots to automate booking orders and appointments to make the booking experience easier & seamless for customers. Around 45% of customers prefer buying items through a chatbot.

How will it Shape the Future?

Apart from these benefits, many tech experts claim artificial intelligence will become more prevalent across industries in the next few years. Advanced technology like machine learning will help to automate routine and repetitive tasks. Some leading companies are planning to implement AI to automate apps maintenance projects. It will help the company to save millions of dollars & reduces the requirements of routine software engineers.

This illustrative image provides a glimpse into the world of chatbots and their interactions with users.
Exploring Chatbot Conversations: Queries, Responses, and Interaction.

In a similar way, the bots are playing a significant role in transforming the future customer experience. Robotics and AI are expected to redefine jobs and can completely replace white-collar jobs. Bots too are amplifying the power of artificial intelligence as automation is making its presence felt in the healthcare system by disrupting the traditional way of healthcare services.

This image portrays a human hand holding a mobile phone, with chat icons emanating from the device.
Unlocking the World of Chatbot Conversations

But on the contrary to the popular belief that robots will take our jobs, bots are replacing tasks not jobs. The good news for us is that it will create new markets and jobs in the future. We need to be ready for the robotic and bots-dominated future. Messaging apps are becoming very popular and more and more bots will be needed in the messaging app industry.

Bots apps will become stronger with various advantages for common users. It will also help businesses to drive sustainable growth with better customer services.

Key Takeaway

Some big-tech companies like Facebook & WeChat were the leaders in introducing real-world uses of bots and how they can do wonders in communication. Apps like Bazillion Beings are taking it one step further to witness the revolutionary implementation of bots in our everyday lives. These bots are developed from open source services and inventing new applications for end-users. Some companies are working on simulation techniques to help the users to find and buy a suitable product according to their requirements.

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