15 Striking Mobile App Trends That Will Rule 2020

Top 15 Mobile App Trends in 2020

Mobile applications have emerged as a catalyst for numerous industries, helping them grow and facilitate unforeseen convenience. The tech has helped numerous brands establish a reputed stature in the market, making every venture see their significance.

While the global market witnesses multiple trends come and go, mobile apps seem to be staying relevant for a while. Even in 2020, the usage of mobile apps is rising considerably, asking businesses to capitalize on the vast opportunities.

If you are wondering about these trends, then look no more. Here are the best mobile app trends in 2020:

Top Mobile Trends Shaping 2020

Increase in App Usage

The usage of mobile apps has been constantly growing in recent years, with numerous people spending a hefty portion of their day browsing different apps.

The trend is continued in 2020 and now more people are spending time using mobile applications. The time where having a mobile app for representing your business used to be a choice is gone. Now you have to build a mobile app to showcase your venture, and the trend will rise even more.


The entry of 5G on the list should not be a shocker to anyone, as the tech was speculated for a long time now. 5G is one of the most influential mobile app trends in 2020, and reasonably so.

Its amazing speed with the promise of no loading time and lag is attracting users like bees to honey. With 5G making an entry to the market, industries like Gaming, VR, and AR are bound to be revolutionized.


With Beacon tech, it has become exceptionally simple to connect the digital and physical world, especially for the retail domain.

The tech has been helping the healthcare and hospitality sector while aiding the entertainment industry as well.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The time when AI will become a norm is not too far as 2020 is witnessing the surge of the tech. The technology has been restricted to bettering UX, but it is time for AI to enter other industries.

In 2020 AIs like Stockfish and Alpha Zero are already modifying the chess industry. Now, some ventures are also looking to integrate AI into the mobile app development process.


Even with IoT being on our list of best mobile app trends in 2020, smart wearables deserve some individual emphasis. Wearables are the prime example of how cross-platform app development can evolve the industry.

In 2020, multiple reputed businesses are looking to produce wearables that will redefine the industry.

Instant Applications

Instant Applications helping the mobile application developers cater to the audience facing storage issues.

Even with smartphones becoming cheaper, the issue of storage is still faced by many. Therefore, the given benefits of Instant Applications come in handy:

  • No need of installation
  • Compact
  • Integrated website functionalities
  • No use of device storage

IoT (Internet of Things)

The IoT industry has been receiving constant updates through the likes of Amazon and Google. The industry has deeply set its root into several industries. Now in 2020, sectors such as, Education and Healthcare cannot function properly without the use of IoT.


The eCommerce market has evolved several folds in recent years, and it is time for their next phase, VR/AR integration. Although the tech currently seems industry-exclusive, its usage in other industries is not too far now.


Experts expect over 85% businesses to utilize chatbots on their sites to solve initial customer queries. The idea seems feasible purely because offering 24/7 manual customer support is not a rational decision.

The tech not only offers all-round availability but it also reduces the incurred cost as well.


You can call cloud computing as one of the best technological gifts of the modern era. The web is now filled with promising ventures like Oriental Cloud, which can be called the best cloud computing services in 2020.

Cloud services help you save storage, facilitate productivity, and minimizes cost as well. The given cloud trends are sure to revolutionize the upcoming times:

  • Hybrid cloud services
  • Cloud solutions and services’ evolution
  • Quantum computing


The blockchain industry has passed the stage of utter confusion and skepticism. The sector is gradually making new steps towards integration in new industries while also growing itself. As businesses like SynchroBit™ are paving the path as one of the best blockchain service providers.

At the rate the industry is growing, it will soon take over a hefty portion of the market.


Numerous businesses are now focusing to offer customized solutions and experience to their final consumers. These companies have picked up on how vital personalized experience is.

The trend is not restricted to merely mCommerce ventures but also to education and finance industries as well.

Low Code Development

Low code development is perceived as one of the biggest changes in the mobile app development industry. As the cost of developing mobile apps is increasing, businesses are focusing on no or low code solutions enabling them to keep every development procedure restricted to themselves.


Started back in the year 2015, PWA allows organizations to function offline, avail hardware access, push notifications, and offer UX akin to some native applications running on desktops and mobiles. Several ventures have equipped PWA and their number is increasing in 2020.

Voice Search

Voice search along with smart assistants are rising fiercely in 2020. People are prioritizing convenience over everything and smartphones are ideal for that. The trend will surely revolutionize both the consumer front and the industrial domain.

Wrapping Up

Mobile applications have truly emerged as a revolution in the business setting. Not only do they offer convenience but also the ideal platform to promote your venture. The blog has mentioned the top 15 mobile application trends in 2020 for your business to capitalize on. Read through and grow your business proceedings easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    How do I choose a trustworthy app development company?
    Here are a few things to remember to choose a reliable mobile app development partner:
    • Choose a partner that cares about its clients.
    • Never compromise on technology experience and domain expertise.
    • Check out your development partners’ portfolios, customer testimonials, and references.
    • Observe how they approach communication and how much they pay attention to your vision.
    • Ask the right questions to help you choose easily.
  • 2

    Why is India preferred for app development outsourcing worldwide?
    Here are a few reasons why India is one of the preferred outsourcing destinations:
    • The average outsourcing charges in India are $18 – $40, which is way more affordable than in developed countries like the USA, $38 – $63.
    • India has a large pool of native-English speakers who’re highly proficient in their work.
    • With an Indian outsourcing partner, you can access 24×7 support and specialized IT talent.
  • 3

    How much time does it take to develop an app?
    Depending on the complexity of a mobile app, it can take several weeks to several months to develop it. An app like Uber takes around 1200 hours to develop. On the other hand, a dating app like Tinder can be developed in 1000 hours.
  • 4

    Freelancers vs. app development company – which one is better?
    Pricing-wise, freelancers appear to be more affordable. However, they offer no accountability for your mobile app. You can’t hold them accountable if the app doesn’t turn out to be as expected. On the other hand, an app development agency takes complete responsibility for your mobile app. Hence, an app development agency is better than a freelancer.

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